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My fishing journey began when I moved to Lake Tahoe in the spring of 1998. My wife and I scraped together a few bucks, went to K-Mart for the essentials, and headed to the Upper Truckee River. I was skeptical about catching anything, but to my amazement hooked into a nice sized rainbow… and fishing hooked into me from that day forward.
Cave Rock became my next spot, and I became a permanent fixture on weekends and evenings. I enjoyed meeting the many boaters and fishermen that came and went; I took every opportunity to soak in any knowledge or wisdom they had to offer. I applied what I learned, honed my skills, targeted different species (Lake Trout, German Brown Trout & Rainbow Trout), and perfected my technique. Shore fishing satisfied my passion for a time. But watching the fishing charters come and go spawned the dream to own my own boat and charter fishing business.photo (21)

In 2006 I earned my captain’s license, after working on the Woodwind Sailing Charters for 3 seasons to acquire the needed hours on the water. I also worked at Sierra Boat Company, refinishing classic wooden boats to support my growing family. With my dream of fishing for a living still alive and well, I knew I would need some revenue to get started; I embarked on refinishing a classic wooden boat of my own, a 1950 U-22 Chris Craft, to accomplish this purpose. For the next three years, most weekends were spent working on my boat. In the spring of 2011 we launched the elegantly restored Christ Craft, and it went up for sale. I was one step closer to my goal.


I again turned my energy to fishing. If the bite was on, I was fishing. Rain, sleet, snow, wind didn’t deter me. I was obsessed. There was no such thing as too much time on the water.

photo (20)
A work accident in 2012 brought a forced career change. I experienced a serious injury while working on a boat that ended my professional refinishing career. After rehabilitation, I faced the decision of what I wanted to do with my life. FISH! I acquired the licenses to open my own fishing charter. I worked with Rogue Jet out of Oregon to design and build my dream boat.

The spring of 2015 marked the fulfillment of the dream that began 17 years earlier. Reel-lentless Fishing Charters is a reality. Living the dream includes sharing the pleasure of fishing with each person that comes aboard. I thank all who supported, encouraged, and believed in me along the way.