I am writing this review of Reel-lentless Fishing Charters to tell non-fishing- type ladies out there with fishing- enthusiast men that they are finally going to enjoy a fishing trip! I dubiously agreed to being “trapped” on a fishing boat with my boyfriend and companions dressed in camo gear. I imagined a tedious five hour tour. At the very least I knew I could look out at the view of Lake Tahoe, and possibly chant- mantras in my head as my best defense against enduring the cold.

Ten minutes into the trip, Captain Danny Salvador captured my attention as he deftly rigged gear using complex and frustratingly small, sharp objects.

The boat was immaculate. Snacks appeared from nowhere. Captain Danny was so patient and helpful I didn’t feel silly taking a rod in hand for the first time. I even agreed to try jigging! It was fun! I was soon out-jigging my boyfriend who seemed less than pleased 🙂

Five hours flew by. I looked around and understood. It was church: my kind of church! Peaceful. And I caught a lake trout! I am “hooked.” I will be back for more on my next trip to Lake Tahoe. No wonder they call Captain Danny “The Legend of the Lake.”

Oh, and don’t forget to ask this soft-spoken Captain to tell you why “no bananas on board….”

-Celeste K., North Hollywood CA



I recently chose Reel-lentless Fishing Charters at Lake Tahoe for my first deep lake fishing experience.  Historically I have been a “dry fly guy”. I was impressed by the quality of the overall day.  Mr. Salvador demonstrated sound judgement based on a natural knack for fishing and years of experience on Lake Tahoe.  He has an admirable work ethic and expert fishing skills. He was succinct in answering my many novice lake fishing questions.  Captain Danny really knows how to locate and stay on the fish.

The overall experience and the freshly filleted fish we ate made it a very worthwhile expedition!  I plan to take another friend and choose Reel-lentless Fishing Charters again for another round of fishing action.

-Robert B.



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  1. My husband and I had a great experience aboard Reellentless Fishing Charter with Danny. Great guide to fish with; knowledgeable, personable, and works hard to insure he gets fish in the boat.
    We had such an enjoyable outing and would highly recommend him. Thanks again Danny.


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